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4-in-1 Smart Travel Bottles Set

4-in-1 Smart Travel Bottles Set

4-in-1 Smart Travel Bottles Set

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4 in 1 travel bottle

Organize your bottles and keep your luggage neat with this leakproof 4-1 Travel Dispenser! This dispenser merges 4 travel bottles in one!

Cleverly combined 4 refillable containers into one sleek bottle, it’s TSA approved which means it complies with the airline liquid restrictions for carry-on baggage!

It’s totally leak-proof even when you are on the plane with bumps and falls, thanks to the uniquely designed seal.

  • Durable and safe
  • Versatile and portable
  • Time and space saving
  • TSA Approved
  • Refillable, washable and reusable
  • FDA Approved and BPA-Free materials
  • Leak-proof and worry-free
  • Transparent inner bottle with an outer hollow for easy usage
  • Perfect for both skincare and toiletries

 4 in 1 travel dispenser

Curious individuals once had a difficulty organizing their perfumes, toners, and body washes to prevent them from leaking...that was until they came up with this great idea --- a handheld solution to keep liquid toiletries safe in nifty leakproof containers.
Designed for everyday-carry to accompany you in gym sessions, travels, or casual hangouts. It doesn’t take much space and easily fits in bags.
Going to the beach without sunblock might cause skin damage. Itchy scalp is annoying during work. Bring along your sunblock, shampoo, and more this time in just one handy bottle! Easily switch from 4 different canisters with its 360° rotatable opener to satisfy any hygiene need wherever you are.